The ecommerce industry is such a commonplace idea for us that we often fail to realize how the landscape has changed indefinitely. To be able to go online from the comfort of your home, or wherever you are situated and look through various items, select and purchase with the greatest of ease equals sheer joy for everyone.

However, it’s only as successful as the delicate subtleties it hides so well. Meaning, each time you are looking at a watch or a new outfit and looking to buy it, you are appreciating the imagery that has been put on display.

Sure, the description, user experience on the site and overall web design play massive parts, but one cannot underestimate the key role image editing plays to successfully appeal to its base audience and make the sale.

There is no mind trickery here. There are worked out tools of presenting an ecommerce item’s picture that is guaranteed to have your eyes glued to it on an almost scientific level of reliability.

Our ecommerce photo editing services

There are several kinds of services clients usually go for in ecommerce image editing or optimization. The common ones are as follows:

  1.      Retouching and enhancement –
  2.      Background removal
  3.      Ghost mannequin effect
  4.      360° image optimization
  5.      Shadow effect
  6.      Color correction
  7.      Wear & tear product cleaning
  8.      Cropping, resizing

As you can see, ecommerce photo editing is the organic combination of multiple tools and means of production and turns into a tangible & marketable idea for business such as ecommerce.

The above set of eight functions is merely the tip of the iceberg. There are several other nuances involved in getting the right kind of image. As always, we need to address the issue: how to sell digital information of real products to users who cannot physically view it, feel the texture and take in its values in the material form and do it convincingly enough so as to make a certain sale.

What further adds to this delicate nature of working on a range of products is that not all craftsmen can take on ecommerce photo editing. Ecommerce is a mammoth for it involves products ranging from jewelry, outfits, vehicles, perfumes, furniture, fashion, health products, electronics, real estate and food to name a few. Not every image editing artist can display versatility in editing and optimizing the image for ecommerce pages.

Our company solely employs groups of versatile artists as well as specialized niche-only artists to create the perfect look based on the project.

Our Ecommerce Image Editing Process

Our work, methods of turning out output in record time while never compromising for anything short of excellence has meant one simple thing: we keep up and are on track alongside the best ecommerce businesses in the world.

Whether it be Alibaba, ebay, Amazon – you name it. We work with industry standard tools of production and follow strict protocol in crafting the most desirable ecommerce images.

  1.      Remove background
  2.      Fix lighting
  3.      Adjust brightness
  4.      Adjust contrast
  5.      Remove scratches
  6.      Remove tags
  7.      Remove dust
  8.      Color correction
  9.      Adjust dimension and measurement
  10.  Correct for cropping and resizing
  11.  Additional PSD output for self optimization and control

Why photographer and retailer choose us

Our work over the years with all kinds of clients, from up and comers to heavyweights in their industry, proves one simple truth: we can take on the best of the best and make it come out greater with our state of the art ecommerce image editing and optimization techniques.

After all, the results speak for themselves.

Our images are informative; they complement the description and solely add more to what has already been written about the product.

Our images also standalone pieces of work which can convey their value, allow for zooms and 360° for optimum user interaction and, with all the functions mentioned above, can give you the closest feeling you can get to a product without being near it.