There is nothing called a ‘Perfect Photo’. No matter how expert you are as a photographer or how good the camera is, there are plenty of details that can be edited later to make that photo a better one. That’s why out photo retouching service is there.

Image retouching is the unique task of editing the final version of your composed image. Only skilled photoshop experts are relied upon to carry out image retouching because one error could change the image altogether.

At, we want to be able to enhance the inherent beauty of your images. Whether the image is of a person or a product – improvement is the only word associated with our image retouching service.  We believe anything that takes away from the vision of the final look does not qualify as image retouching.

Frankly, we welcome the challenge and our portfolio simply speaks for itself.

About our photo retouching service

We understand that each image retouching project presents itself with its own set of rules that we have to comply with. Our experts apply standard Photoshop tools of enhancement ranging from airbrushing to minor lighting changes. It varies depending on your unique requirements, of course.

Our photo retouching output differs significantly. It explains the breadth of the work whether it be for product photos where it is important to highlight the ways in which the product improves your life in as short amount of time as possible due to the short attention span your customers have or wildlife photography where raw, authenticity and sheer natural wonder of nature is needed to be captured.

There are a couple occasions where image retouching becomes of paramount importance and is essential as well.

Blu-tack removal – for product photos, severe measures are taken, almost down to a science, to capture the perfect imagery. Our team gets rid of display stands from the background as well the blu-tack and other lighting and shadow tools used to capture the visual. Meaning, all physical proof of image manipulation is removed leaving behind a product image which seems it had always existed in this state.

Airbrushing – keeping in line with the sensitivity of the matter and not to be exploitative, our work respectfully carries out airbrushing strictly where needed in terms of enhancing highlights, outfits, accessories and other items in the picture which bring out the beauty of the model.

Blemish removal – products do not often come in pristine condition. Photographers like you make the most of the camera tools they have to hide the scratches, dust, dents, impressions, spots and other such unavoidable distractions. Unless intended, our photoshop experts have the right skill to delicately remove these contents from the image while not hurting the overall impact of the image and keeping its beauty intact.

If you are running e-commerce or online stores, websites or blogs, magazines, ad agencies, photography studios, printing sectors, etc. and looking for a reliable retouching service that will take care of all your pictures, you have come to the right place. We know the art of making any product image more attractive to the customers by adjusting the shades, lighting, and textures.

Clipping Path to India Team

Our photo retouching process

We use Photoshop pen tool to retouch and edit the pictures in order to make them perfect and flawless.  When it comes to editing or retouching, there are hundreds of options. You can alter any type of details of your picture. To help you decide which ones you need to check the most common photo retouching features below:

  • We remove unwanted objects such as hanger, papers, flies, shelves, threads, pattern, etc. from any picture frame.
  • We remove red spots, acne, bad wrinkles, blemishes, etc. to make your model look perfect.
  • We enhance the beauty and glamour of your model by modifying eyeliner, hairstyle, lip shed, etc.
  • We give the perfect shape to a body by reducing the excess fat areas.
  • We beautify a product image removing scratches, dust, spots, etc.

Why work with team

We believe that our works represent out capability and quality more than our words. To get an idea how we work, you have the benefit of enjoying our free trial service. It won’t take our expert graphic designers long to fix the pictures submitted by you. We think that we offer one of the most promising Photo Retouching services around the world.