You want to be able to create a sensation as close to holding the product in your hand as possible. This applies to each and every service we have. Shadowing is one such service which unfortunately goes unnoticed by so many companies who end up hurting their clients with super results.

Shadowing gives the illusion of light and creates shadow with respect to the light and object interaction so as to be able help you imagine have the product in your physical midst.

Background Information:

Sound pretty uncomplicated, right? Creating these pieces of 3D work comprising of the dance of light and shadows – all to emphasize the product, its highlights and how truly it improves your life takes into account the marketing, eCommerce, consumer psychology and state-of-the-art technological tools available to us – in one go.

So, you see it is not simply shadows we are dealing it. Why a shadow? Does light react to it and how to? Where do you position it? What’s the size?

It is difficult to put into words how we go about answering them given each product must serve the client in the most beneficial way imaginable and the metrics of success vary from client to client.

Understandably, we cannot reveal it all in this page, it would be like giving away our secret sauce recipe but we can share some vital things that take place when it comes to shadowing.

The Image Shadowing Process:

Clients require a whole host of items in their final result.

• An original shadow
• A reflection shadow
• A white natural reflection shadow
• A drop shadow

And the list gets more and more specific.

This is where we thrive. The more specific you get, the sooner we know and can deliver on the kind of shadow which best serves the product. We can help alter the size, angle, hardness of the shadow as well as another hundred specifications you can imagine!

Although our Photoshop-led services are wholesome and versatile in nature, the typical orders come from online shopping websites, ecommerce pages, magazines, advertisements and so on.

Just imagine: you go through the regular chain of events. You have the original material; you go about removing the background and add a certain kind of shadow. Each output has its own life, texture and personality. These are things which can never be duplicated and it makes shadowing a highly personalized art and lucrative in this industry.

• A drop shadow gives the impression the object is slightly levitated above the ground due to the shadow created underneath it. Here, the origin of the light remains indistinct.
• Natural shadows are as real as it gets. A clear indication of the light source path is seen and the shadow seems to be one which can easily be seen in real life, right in front of you.
• Reflection shadows as the name suggests makes the image look as though the object is placed on a reflective surface so as to create a reflective shadow as a result.

We begin work in a couple different ways, namely:

1. Isolate image
2. Remove background
3. Apply type of shadow
4. Adjust opacity
5. Adjust shadow placement to give sense of light direction

Here to Serve:

We have the best craftsmen operating with their hands and applying the best computer skills to your projects to create imagery of real wonders.

The pictures have the stamp of professionalism from and have the most natural look possible fitting for all your needs, regardless of medium, delivery and all within affordable rates.