Image masking is an advanced way of background removal. For images having soft edges such as fur of clothes, human hair, animals, tree, etc., it is not easy to separate the background using only clipping path method without making those soft edges distorted or blurred.

A common mistake we make is to associate the background removal or adjustment phase as something which could make image masking seem to be the same as creating a clipping path. Clipping path can only get about 60% of the desired result.

When it comes to transparent and translucent objects such as sunglass, plastic bottles, glasses, muslin clothes or water splashes etc., you have to do some complicated editing to remove backgrounds.

In that case, along with clipping path technique, we apply mage masking technique.

About our image masking service

Our photoshop experts do some tweaks on the image backgrounds several times until we get the desired output. We mostly depend on using pen tablets and brush tools in this case.

Image masking can be of several kinds such as object masking, transparent object masking, translucent object masking, layer masking, alpha channel masking, hair and fur, masking, color masking, and refine edge masking etc.

Clipping Path to India Team

Our image masking process

We believe in detailed and comprehensive research and work for each project. The following is a simpler process that we follow, but it should adequately give you an idea of the image masking:

  • Assessing the nature of the background
  • Determining what desired look for the background is needed
  • Using Background Eraser tool to adjust the background and remove it
  • Focusing on the nitty-gritty aspects of the image mentioned earlier
  • Using a Channel Mask to remove features of a minute nature such as hair and fluff
  • Sharpening the areas of focus
  • Adjusting the edges for smoothness while maintaining consistency with the set
  • Smoothing out the edges of these minute details such as hair, fabric fuzz and so on

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