Image Manipulation in a nutshell:

Image manipulation by the nature of the term itself tells us it is the means by which we can work upon existing imagery, alter its content and transport to a different kind imagery. It may alter the whole perspective of the image, or solely focus on one part and simply highlight it.

Our craftsmen through their own aesthetic sensibilities and in accordance with the client’s vision and computer power can produce visual information which can specifically impact the viewer in the way we want.

Whether you choose to darken the clouds over the rain-forest to bring attention to the danger of deforestation or take an image of a piece of jewelry and put it around someone’s neck in black and white with only the jewelry in color to highlight its importance in the life of the character –
Each time, you are manipulating the contents of the image in tried & tested ways to get your message across in the most efficient way possible.

Background Information:

Since the task has always been about significantly changing the composition of an image, our success not only lies in making our clients happy but also to make it seem as though this final image is the original one, and not something worked upon.

Seamlessness and authenticity are always true marks of success we are reaching out for in this regard.

Marketing and advertising always had a strong hold over our perceptions and almost dictated our socio and cultural taste. From airbrushed models to pristine looking food pictures for restaurant promos, the deceit has always been there. However, it is understood that all parties, the business and consumers are privy to this trickery.

In recent times, such practices are starting to be looked down upon where unrealistic standards of beauty and perfection are falling out of the norm and rightfully so.

Our company of artists recognizes this and our work therefore speaks for the forward thinking and progressive minded direction the world is moving in.

The deception is known and of course meant for commercial purposes only and also seen in subjective artist work which we also engage in for we believe in promoting art and commerce in equal measure.

The Image Manipulation Process:

Some of us already see but for those who do not, we should point out the inclusivity of image manipulation.

This technique incorporates clipping path, image masking, image retouching, enhancement, eCommerce page optimization and raster to vector conversion, to name a few.

1. Digitize hard copies of transparent, negatives and printed imagery
2. Retrieve the soft copy of the image
3. Rotate
4. Crop and resize
5. Apply layers
6. Apply photo montage tools
7. Apply stock where needed
8. Adjust color
9. Adjust lighting
10. Adjust picture contents

Here to serve:

In our other services, we at least have somewhat of the desired look already present in the image. With image manipulation, provided it’s within reason and means, we have to imagine the new look of the visual alongside the client.

It is always mutually beneficial when clients come to us with clear, precise ideas of what they are looking for. Afterwards, based on experience, we sit down and discuss the next steps to producing the best version of what is being searched for.

They say you can conjure up just about any visual you want in a computer but the victory is not in the abundance but in the aspect of making strict, specific choices of what you want.

Therefore, our craftsmen are not just computer wizards but it is imperative they have genuine acquired and informed aesthetic taste so as to be able to produce work that caters to marketability without being exploitative and distasteful in the way it portrays the work.

Give us a call; we would love to hear about your idea.