What is Ghost Mannequin?

Ghost mannequin is the technique of removing a mannequin from the inside of clothing in order to give that product a 3D look which makes the product’s interior visible to the viewers as well as allows the customer to have a better idea about the product in terms of design, shape, size, and outlook.

Ghost mannequin or neck joint is the most efficient way for ecommerce owners like you to showcase and promotes clothes or other products on online.

Our team is not just photoshop experts who can provide an output for just about any project. Here, we specialize in the craft and the materials used in it. Meaning, for ghost mannequin services, our team working away understands quite well the texture of the attire, the way light reflects off of it and how to play with shadows and highlights to best represent its look.

When do you need ghost mannequin service

We all would like to see high-resolution images of an outfit from various angles with 3D viewing, if possible. Our photoshop experts work so as to ensure your customer can read the label information and decide an on a purchase for themselves with an informed mind.

You cannot give a garment product 3D shape unless you dress a mannequin with it. Moreover, you shouldn’t use the picture of the garment product with a mannequin because it the mannequin looks disturbing.

To solve this problem, you need to apply Photoshop techniques to remove that mannequin but also show the part that was behind the visible part of the mannequin.

In case you cannot capture photos of all the inner parts, we are still capable of providing you a satisfactory output. But we need at least one picture of the inner part of each product, otherwise, we won’t be able to know the texture or pattern hidden behind the mannequin.

Clipping Path to India Team

Our neck joint/ghost mannequin process

All we have to do is to remove the mannequins from your clothing products and also the backgrounds such as walls or curtains of your shop, showroom etc. from the photos that you send us.

We replace the background with a blank one. We remove the mannequin and replace it with the interior portions of that garment product which results in a ghost or hollow-human effect. Our process is described in the following:

  • In order get a 3D effect of your garment products, you need capture mannequins wearing the garment products from various angles
  • Particularly, shoot the mannequin covered areas such as neck, inner parts, chest, bottom, and sleeves separately. Try to use a decent camera and send us the original pictures
  • We use Photoshop tools to now begin working on the project
  • We remove the background
  • We adjust the brightness, contrast and shadows
  • We apply image clipping path, then crop, resize and enhance image details
  • We apply color corrections where necessary
  • We export your product image without the mannequin

Why working with Clippingpathtoindia.com Team

We are dedicated to completing any task assigned to us and which require ghost mannequin or neck joint service in the shortest time possible, our inspired team of photoshop experts will give your pictures a starling look. We have been in this business for a long time and the experience we have gathered helps us to give our customers excellent services.

We offer our services on 24/7 basis. In addition, we offer a free trial for some your images to help you gauge our skills and ability. Contact us now and we shall serve you in the best way possible.