Color correction is the service of magic. It truly is. Here at, we apply color correction tools, or color grading as it is also called, to give our clients the best look they can ask for.

Do not forget, it is handmade by a real person behind a computer which makes each piece of work inimitable and also something of great value given the level of artistry put into it from our skilled artists who have honed their craft over years of service in the industry.

Why you need color correction service?

Clients often come to us with several concerns ranging from:
• Brightness
• Contrast
• Balance
• Exposure
• Saturation
• Hue
• Color change and other issues.

Some take it for granted that color correction entails just another part of the clipping path process. Sure, it is one of the last steps taken to give the final output but keep in mind that those are more final touches areas of services. Those client projects do not have color issues central to the task.

A lot of our orders are simply color correction-based ones because color, as you can imagine, dictates mood, tone, atmosphere and the whole feel of the object and how it relates to you – these are vital indicators of revenue when it comes to eCommerce, advertisement and other commercial projects.

Our  Color Correction Process

Predictably, a lot of our clients for color correction services need work done for their online ads, brochures, print ads, eCommerce products and other such commercial avenues. Besides that, other businesses who contact us are photographers, advertisement agencies, news corporations, designers and fashion brands.

Colors reveal meaning. For those who are interested, you will see that individual colors give off a certain meaning. A fiery red shade versus a calmer green shade. Already you can see how different colors can mean certain things.
It is important to note that as we work on each project keeping its desired output and impact in mind throughout the whole process.

If you are already familiar a lot of effects commonly used in the industry are water color, oil painting, fire and other popular looks. We have worked on them all as well as on color pictures, black and white, grayscale, CMYK, RBG and other modes where we converted and enhanced it all over years of trial and error to come up with a recipe book of sorts for our projects.

The fun part is gathering that knowledge, throwing that book out of the window and with the acquired knowledge and taste; we go to work on your project with a sense of newness and thrill which shows up in the final image.
Here are a couple ways we go about to create color corrected imagery for our clients using the standard bearer, Photoshop:
1. Select background
2. Adjust contrast and brightness
3. Adjust blending mode and opacity accordingly
4. Work on saturation and hue
5. Apply gradient
6. Apply filters

Why choose us for color correction service?

Color correction is not just an adjustment but a primary factor for the appeal or saleability of an object. At the end of the day, we are applying wisdom from the knowledge acquired by our craftsmen, tools tested and proved to be successful in the commercial world and also psychological manipulation through use of colors – to make a certain product more desirable than it could ever be.

It is a subtle art and about taste which is tough to own and only blossoms only it’s a fruitful collaboration. Our portfolio and history shows we have got taste and collaborative skills in the bag. Contact us soon and let’s get to work.