Clipping path is the art of separating the image of an object from its surrounding environment. It is also known as image cut out, background removal, deep etching etc.

At, our photoshop experts team applies clipping path techniques in a professional level to separate pictures of your products from unnecessary backgrounds without losing a single bit of detail.

We work with businesses of all industries including e-commerce or online stores, magazines, websites, blogs, ad-agencies, photography studios, brochure or catalogs, printing sectors, etc.

When do you need hand drawn clipping path service?

We stress on doing handmade clipping path over more automated results. There may be various kinds of reasons for which you need our clipping path service. Our customers work with us because they don’t want to create images that look like they were edited.

Not sure what you need? Read the following objectives of clipping path and check which ones you need for your business.

  • To remove a background from an image and isolate it.
  • To create vector lines or outlines in order to fill a portion with color.
  • To create a transparent background for your products.
  • To wrap text or image for special effects
  • To separate components from objects for making animations.
  • To change the background of your product or use a customized one.
  • To create shades and shadows for an object.
  • To create ads, covers, banners etc. by putting images clipped from their individual backgrounds
  • To save the silhouette or outline of an object for future use

We rarely find ourselves with customers who choosing generic automated output over pristine hand-drawn artistry.

How we do it at

Our process begins with getting to know your requirements and goals. You need to be able to discern if you wish to remove the image background, or keep it but make adjustments in masking it, to shape the shape or color of a particular area of the image or do color correction, to name a few.

We do not use any short-cut tools or automation techniques. Manual image clipping path is the best way to separate an image preserving the highest amount of details.

Our graphic designers use Photoshop’s pen tool. They zoom your images up to 300% to get the maximum number of anchor points. This ensures we achieve clean, finished edges on all of your images.

Of course, the process is more complicated and has steps to isolate the image afterwards as well as cover for gaps in the paths. The essential aspect is to do it well and with a surgical touch otherwise the finished images almost always ends up looking incomplete.

Why choose us for clipping path

We claim to offer one of the best clipping path service providers around the world. We have hired a group of professional graphic designers who have been doing this for years. Most of them are also trained from renowned institutions with relevant courses and skills. Before you hesitate to choose our service, you can check our clipping path quality by getting a free trial. We never play with our customers’ reputation.