Product listing is exceptionally important for every e-commerce venture in the world. Why? Well, imagine visiting a website of an online store where you cannot find your expected products. Or, for instance, you find the products but not the prices of the products. Or, maybe the product images you could see on the website are not clear enough to convince you to buy them with your hard-earned money.

That is definitely not a pleasant experience and no customer would ever want to face this situation. Besides, among thousands of alternatives online, if any of your customers experience such circumstances with you, there is a high chance that s/he will never return to your online store.

To get your customers connected with your e-commerce venture and to turn the visitors into customers from potential customers, product listing is very important.

Now, the question is – what is product listing?

Product listing means registering your products in your e-commerce website or third-party websites with all the necessary information. For an example, the product specifications, title, product images and offers. In short, the things you want your customers to see your products.

In case of online shopping, product listing works the most as it attracts your customers and convinces them to spend their money on what you are selling.

Today we will discuss the importance of images in the product listing.

First and foremost, both quality and quantity matter in case of placing images for your product listing. I will explain why and how it is important to have sufficient quality and quantity of the product images.

Poor quality images would never create interest among your website visitors, rather, it would lead your customers to have a negative idea about your products and venture. In their subconscious mind, they will think your products are as bad as your product images. To avoid such situations, you will have to get the best possible image. You may use a professional photographer or capture the images by yourself to have the product images you expect.

Now, this is a must to share the basic points that your product images should have. Also, where you should set the standard to get maximum conversion rate.

  • Images must be professional and straight
  • No drawings or illustrations of your products are preferred
  • Solid background color preferred
  • Avoid using gradient or blur color, white background preferred
  • A product should fill up at least 85% of your image
  • No shadow or reflection in the main image

Professional and straight: Product images are always preferred to be professional and straight. That means angles and accessories in the product images are avoidable. Let your customers focus on your product only.

Professional and straight image

Avoid drawings: Any sort of drawings and illustrations should be avoided in your product images. This gives your customers a wrong impression. Keep your product images simple and clearly visible.

Avoid drawings

Solid background: If you capture a picture of your products with a truck in the background then it may distract your customers. Always try to have a white background as it would help your customers to focus properly and help them to understand what awaits them at your website. You can do it by the help of product photo editing service provider.

Image with Solid-background

85% plus product in images: Always ensure that your product fills up at least 85% of the image. Otherwise, the image looks blank. Make your product look bigger and smarter.

No shadow or reflection: Do not use any shadow or reflection in the main image of your products. Every product has a main image and multiple sub-images. Keep the main image as realistic as possible. No added shadow or reflection.

image with no shadow or reflation

Coming to the point of quantity, try to show your products from all sides. Zoom in on details and place all the available colors of your products on the website. There is nothing wrong with providing your customers with as many pictures as possible. Instead, your images usually speak for you. Always remember that unflattering photos can be a deal breaker and affect your reputation as a retailer.

If you cannot afford a professional photographer for your product images, please consider having a good-quality gear. For an example, a digital SLR and a light cube won’t cost you everything but it surely can influence your images a lot.

Short videos on your products can be even more powerful than product images. Consider making videos instead of snapping images if you are confident of getting those done properly. This can make your products stand out among thousands online and would help you to get more traffic on your website or in any third-party website where you listed your products.

With the right filters and a clear filtering interface, users are able to narrow down a product list with thousands of generic products to only a few items relevant to their unique needs and interests.

I hope this would help you to understand how to influence your product listing with your product images. If you have any further question regarding this please feel free to leave a comment below. I will be more than happy to answer your questions.

And, do share this blog among your fellows. I believe helping as many people as possible is the only purpose this blog should serve.