You are a professional photographer and as a professional, there is no room for mistake or error because a simple mistake can frustratingly ruin the whole outcome eventually after putting all your efforts. Amongst all the photography genres, jewelry product photography could be complicated astoundingly due to some common mistakes.

The variations of shape and size create problems in staging the product for the shoot. Besides, the shiny and reflective nature of jewelry can bring the blurriness easily in the photograph.

Here in this article a guideline we are providing to help you know 7 ways to avoid common jewelry product photography mistakes –

1. Try to avoid creating a complicated background

It’s always tempting for a photographer to create something overwhelming and creative for the audience. And this temptation can be dangerous sometimes.

In the process of creating an eye-catching background for the product sometimes makes the photograph too crowded to highlight the center element. Instead of using white or any plain and neutral background can easily bring the entire focus upon the intended centering subject. Just keep the frame as simple as possible.

2. Props can be a distraction often

While doing Jewelry product photography, using props can prove poor choice or mistake often. Take a necklace photoshoot for example. You might think a mannequin could be more practical to present the necklace more lively. It is found that mannequin often fails to center the focus upon the necklace only instead it becomes the entire catcher of attention or call it a distraction perhaps.

Props like places, models etc are effective while it’s an editorial shoot if only that is the photo shoot requirement. Try to find ways simpler so that your product can be highlighted more. Use props only you are asked to.

3. The product showing smaller in the image

Be very careful while focusing on the product in your photo shoot. If your product is smaller in the image, the customers won’t be able to attract by its beauty. The close-up shot of the product is very important in Jewelry product images. The more magnified the product in the image the more details of its beauty is revealed.

4. Do not forget to emphasize the details of the product

Jewelry is always built in detailed design. And often when shooting jewelry photograph we focus on the bigger picture normally. Focusing on the details of its design and other aspects often ignored.

Do not make this mistake. Go for the detailed shots from every side possible. Focused and detailed shots from every side of the product can easily catch the eyes of the customers know for sure.

5. Shooting reflective jewelry products

Your intention is not to puzzle your customers by reflective photos of your jewelry. And shooting jewelry with gemstones and metals on them is not an easy task. Reflection can surely ruin the product image.

Shooting reflective jewelry product requires special set up. A double-headed lighting setup with two diffusing light reflection umbrella could be very useful. A flat table is needed to set up the product. Use a white sheet of paper both behind and beneath the item you are shooting. Defusing umbrella kills the excessive light. Using a tripod is best for this photo shoot so that you can focus the camera lens slightly downward.

Placing the lights with the light diffusing umbrellas upon the table above the subject you can shoot. Keep the camera settings same while shooting different sides of the product and keep the same distance as much as possible. The disturbing reflection of the product will be mostly obsolete due to this setting.

6. Eliminate the hard shadows from your product shoot

No hard shadow is one of the most needed requirements of e-commerce product photo shoot nowadays. And the product is often required to be shooting upon a seamless white background.

Erasing the hard shadows in the post-production editing of the images is quite irritating. To avoid this pain, use lights from above the jewelry product is the easiest way to eliminate hard shadows.

7. Do not stop shooting a lot of photos

You have prepared yourself for the jewelry photo shoot and have taken all the measures for a successful shoot. The most common mistake is that shooting a few photos of the product.

What if the customer wants to see the product from different angles as if it entirely depends on the image angle whether he or she is going to buy it or not. What would you do then if you cannot provide the image? So it is very important to photograph your product from every angles and aspect possible. Just do not hesitate to shoot.


In this modern competitive market amongst all the professionals doing the same job as yours, avoiding these mistakes can take you and your works one step ahead of them.