How exciting would it be to get a new home? If you are a photographer then you surely will have the similar sort of excitement to have your own studio. After all, your studio is nothing less than your second home.

Today we will discuss every detail you should keep in mind before building your photo studio.

From bigger equipment like camera and lights to smaller ones like a coffee machine at the corner of your office, everything should have its uniqueness along with your personal touch.

Although your studio should have your thoughts visible in it, there are certain basics that you should never miss having at your studio.

Today I will share the things you must have to make your studio effective, efficient and unique.


A camera is the heart of a studio. This is not possible to even think of a studio without a camera. Different cameras and lenses have different purposes to serve. Depending on your work, you can get any camera you need. Starting from smartphone cameras to heavy-weight high-quality cameras are used in the industry.

However, a basic Digital SLR camera is necessary for professional photography. When you have decided to open up a studio, it is quite a must for you to get good quality cameras in this place.

A decent Digital SLR camera would cost between $200 and $3600 for your studio. Within the price range, you would get a basic camera you need for your studio.

Flash Head:

Photography is not possible without proper lighting. Although there are many photographers who proudly say that they do not take help of any artificial lights for their photography but capturing images with proper lights is also an art.

Flash head is a lighting material that provides you with the flashlight of your camera. You can get flash head at a price of as low as $55 and the maximum is around $1900.

You should keep multiple flash heads in your studio.

Light Stands:

Photography in a studio vastly depends on the positioning of light sources. Sometimes near the camera and sometimes away. To place the light sources in the right places in the studio you need light stands.

Light stands hold lights on it at a right height, angle, and place to assist you with the positioning of light sources.

Light stands are a must addition to your photo studio.


Softbox is basically a diffuser of light. Even if you are not a professional, you may know the softbox if you have ever visited a photo studio.

Softboxes are big white boxes made of special materials which are set in front of flashlights.

These boxes would help you to diffuse the brightness of your flashlight. That way, you could save your images from burning with overlight.


Besides diffusing light with softbox, having bright light is also important at times. Snoot and honeycombs would help you to get the bright light properly.

With snoot and honeycomb, you get the chance of narrowing down your light and make it sharp which falls on the focused point.

For an example, if you need a flashlight to focus only on a product and not somewhere around the product then you can use snoot and honeycomb. With this, you would get the expected lighting for your photography. Having these at your studio is also a must.


Tripods are silent workers. It would serve its purpose and continue improving your images without even letting you know. A tripod would help you to get cleaner and more detailed images.

How? Well, when you set up your camera at a lower shutter speed to get the maximum detail of your subject, little shake can make your images blurrish.

To avoid the trouble, you set your camera on a tripod. The tripod would give your camera a stable hold with which you would be able to capture clearer photos with maximum details.


Backdrops are the backgrounds of your images. Every image has a background. Sometimes, the backgrounds are made of regular elements and sometimes using planned backdrops are important.

When you have a photo studio, having multiple backdrops are very important. There is no better option than this to keep variation on the background of your images.

At least three – white, black and other – backdrops are necessary for your studio.

Backdrops made of different materials – Canvas, Muslin, Seamless paper, Fantasy Cloth, Vinyl, Chroma Key, Velvet, and others are available in the market.

Foam Boards:

Sending the lights in the right direction is important while doing indoor photography. Foam boards are used for serving this exact purpose.

If you are capturing an image with window lights then you will have too dark shadow and too bright light on your subject when captured raw. To avoid the extra brightness or darkness, you can use foam boards. To decrease shadow, you use white foam boards and to decrease light use black foam boards.

This way you would get a smooth and “not too sharp” light on your images.


Can you imagine having a workstation without a table? Not really!

The similar rule goes with your office – your photo studio. Get a decent size of the table for yourself as soon as possible.

A folding table can be a great selection for your office. This would help you to get your works done which requires a table. Also, if you want free space, you can fold the table and put it on somewhere. You will get the free space you need within a minute.

A 30-35 inch folding table usually works best for an office. However, the size may vary according to your work and basics.


Photography in a studio has a lot to do with perfect lighting. If you do not ensure the lighting facilities then you would put yourself in trouble. And, as you would not want to face unexpected issues at your photo studio, you should ensure basic lighting benefits as early as possible.

Among many tools, the reflector is one which you would require for better image quality. Reflectors are usually made of foil papers and have a circular shape.

Having multiple reflectors are preferred at your studio.


In the world of digital photography, having a computer at your studio is a must. Most of the post-production works are done on computers nowadays. Nobody can even imagine a step forward without a computer in the world of digital photography.

When film cameras were available and most of the photo shoots were used to take place with them, darkrooms were popular. Darkrooms nowadays have become rare following the film cameras. However, the place of darkrooms has been taken by computer.

Starting from the image processing works to post-production works, everything is done by computer. So, having one or computer at your studio is important. If you do not have a computer then there is a high chance that your images will stay at your camera only and not out.


To run your works on a computer, you need software. Specific photography software is a must for your studio.

Now, you may have a question that why am I putting software in this list. Well, at times the software is paid and you have to buy them with money. If this falls in your budget, it may be helpful for you.

Coffee Corner:


Everybody needs rest during work hours. Most of the time, a little bit of break can make your work even better as the refreshment would help you to get back your full attention. Adding a coffee corner can offer a little bit of warm space to get your rest at and a fresh mind.

A sofa where you and your colleagues and friends can sit comfortably, a few green trees for the comfort of your eyes, a coffee machine to get freshly brewed coffee, few notepads to keep your thoughts written and maybe a glass door view … That’s all that you need to get your coffee corner ready.

A perfect place that would work as both the waiting room and the coffee corner.

The mentioned options would make a perfect photo studio for you. However, each person has his or her own preferences. You may include or deduct your thoughts and blend it into my idea. I believe that would create an even better photo studio.

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As always, please leave a comment below if you have any question regarding the topic. I am never tired of answering your valid questions.

Also, I hope you get your photo studio soon if you are planning to have your own photo studio.