Clipping path and Masking are both very important parts of photo editing no matter if you are doing it for personal or business purposes. Often it is confusing for many of us to distinguish between the clipping path and masking.

These options actually serve the same purpose of isolating the needed subject from the whole image. The confusion about the work differences of Clipping Path and Masking is made clear through the discussion below:

Clipping path

The pen tool is one of the very important tools in Photoshop. Clipping path is a very powerful and effective technique that is executed by using the pen tool. The technique is usually applied to remove background or any unwanted object from the image.

But most importantly – for a brilliant result the clipping path technique is perfect when the subject has smooth and sharp edges.

Clipping path is considered a very important area of photo editing world. An uneven or a poorly drawn outcome from clipping path can result in failing the purpose entirely. Zooming the image for instance 200% brings the edges as close as possible and increases the apparent size so that the path can be created smoothly.

In the realm of e-commerce, product clipping path is widely done everywhere in the world. And poor images of the products you are marketing could easily destroy the appeal of your product and the sell can turn into a nightmare eventually. Most importantly do not rush when doing the clipping path.

Masking or image masking

Masking or image masking serves the same purpose as the clipping path. But it is done by various tools of Photoshop such as magic eraser tool, background eraser tool, color separation process etc. But for the image masking, the background eraser tool is mostly used.

Image masking is widely accepted when the image you are working on has complicated lines and details. For example – hair on a model or animal, fur clothing etc requires to be done with the image masking technique.

Image masking often needed to be done adapting several techniques together. Because if the image has a complex background of multiple colors, shadows and other objects in it then it will be difficult for you to work with only one technique.

The difference between the clipping path and image masking

Through the individual discussion of Clipping Path and Masking it is already clear that both serve the same purpose which is to remove the background from behind the subject of the image.

The path tool becomes more complicated to use when the image has a lot of complexes in it and often the result isn’t fruitful enough and loses its intended appeal. Instead, choosing the masking technique serves the purpose perfectly with the complex images. A complex image when done by clipping path looks often unnatural.

No doubt that Clipping Path and Image Masking both techniques are warmly accepted by the clipping path service providers. photo editors and graphic designers in the industries of product marketing and e-commerce or other photo editing platforms.

Both techniques are independently applicable but for the desirable outcome sometimes combining them both bring an outstanding result. In the world of modern business, this particular service is highly demanding.